The Firewall for your Browser

The new generation of web security

BrowserBlade Server


BrowserBlade immunizes users and networks against known and unknown threats through internet browsing. External websites are opened on BrowserBlade, meaning computers aren't connecting to the web directly. Drive-by malware worms, viruses and other threads are kept out. Your browser is immunized against web attacks.


BrowserBlade shields users from privacy breaches on-the-fly. It automatically prevents typing analysis, mouse-movement tracking, browser-fingerprinting, cookies and IP-based tracking. Your users get a new browser for every session. This makes it impossible to follow personal tracks through browser tracking.


BrowserBlade is not only super easy to use, it's super fast while you are using it. Unlike Terminal Server based solutions, you won't be needing any additional software. You just use the browser you are most comfortable with. Due to our innovative caching algorithms, web sessions are actually accelerated.

BrowserBlade secures your networks against attacks on web browsers. The appliance remotely executes your web sessions on fail-safe hardware. Our technology allows to do this directly inside web browsers you are already used to. Set BrowserBlade as your homepage or proxy server and protect your web sessions on the fly.

Immunize your infrastructure with BrowserBlade.