The Browser Security Appliance


BrowserBlade immunizes your network against the most dangerous attack-vectors in enterprise networks: by shielding web browsers against the web.

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"727 vulnerabilities were discovered in the 5 most popular browsers in 2013." (Secunia Vulnerability Review 2014)

Browser security is hard.

  • Browser Exploits
  • Javascript
  • Add-On Exploits
  • Malicious Plugins
  • Media Codec Exploits
  • Trojan Downloads
  • Cookie Tracking
  • Government Espionage
  • Identity Theft

Immunization is easy.

BrowserBlade offers the first complete solution against threats from the web. By transparently shielding web sessions, BrowserBlade effectively protects enterprise networks against various attacks through web browsers and on online privacy.

Instead of of filtering and blocking potentially harmful websites BrowserBlade secures your systems by isolating complete browser sessions in secure, virtual sandboxes. Don't let your browser connect the web directly, surf indirectly.

All you need to do is set-up BrowserBlade as a proxy server or the homepage in your existing web browser. After that, web sessions will be executed remotely on BrowserBlade. Users stay happy as long they can use client browsers they are already used to.

"727 vulnerabilities were discovered in the 5 most popular browsers in 2013." (Secunia Vulnerability Review 2014)

Other web security solutions need to transport virtual desktop sessions. Bandwidth is wasted, they are complicated to install and time consuming to maintain. Web sessions become slow and unresponsive, frustrating users and decreasing productivity.

Instead of forwarding remote desktop sessions to client computers, BrowserBlade uses web technologies to transmit web sessions from server to client. BrowserBlade turbocharges web sessions: Your users stay happy and overall productivity increases.

Plugs into your existing architecture

BrowserBlade is designed for simple integration with your existing networks.

Plugin to your existing Infrastructure


No additional software is required on your client computers. Just set BrowserBlade as your homepage or proxy server and get protected on the fly. No additional configuration is necessary, BrowserBlade works on 100% of web technologies.

Easily integrates into your enterprise web apps.

BrowserBlade doesn't cause any complications with existing web apps. It allows you to use the same browsers you already use together with your enterprise apps. Just forward web traffic via BrowserBlade and secure your clients against the threats of the web.

Web traffic stays outside your network.

BrowserBlade allows you to keep internet traffic outside your enterprise network. Don't allow the internet to enter your networks. Web browsers are executed outside your firewall !

Threats solved by BrowserBlade

Technical specifications

ChipsetIntel C226 (Lynx Point)
SocketLGA 1150 (Socket H3)
ProcesssorIntel Xeon E3-1200(v3) 3.5Ghz
Interfaces4x1Gbit Ethernet
Dimensions43mm (H), 426mm(W), 356mm (D)
Power supply260 W
Fans1x 100mm 5000rpm
NormsGermany – TÜV certified
EU / CE Mark
EN 60950 / IEC 609-50-Compliant
USA – UL listed, FCC
Canada – CUL listed
CCC certified