Next Generation Proxy Server

The problem: Web browsers inside company networks

Due to the vast amount of different technologies, browsers are inherently insecure. Modern browsers contain parsers for several markup languages, various media encoding and -streaming formats. Browsers ship with Javascript and interpret code in realtime. They access many external web resources within milliseconds and interact using many different protocols and formats. Browser plugins also increase insecurity, as long they are allowed to directly interact with your web browsers. This combined mass of technologies make web browsers an inherently insecure piece of software.

Modern companies and businesses depend on web technologies. Due to industry's dependency on web technologies, browsers are a very important tool in everyday business processes. This means that companies are required to use insecure technology, often as core of their own business operations.

Browsers under Attack
Fig. 1 Browsers under Attack

The solution: Use hosted web browsers

BrowserBlade hosts your web browsers inside a secure appliance outside your network. This keeps threats outside your infrastructure.

BrowserBlade is a next-generation browser security solution that executes your web session on your behalf. Using BrowserBlade's patent-pending technology, you can effectively immunize your infrastructure against any kind of security breach endangering web browsers.

Real browser security, immunize your infrastructure !

Hosted browsers
Secure with BrowserBlade
Fig 2. Host your browsers outside of your network

Browser immunization

Today most viruses and worms enter systems via your browser. Malicious flash apps or browser extensions can infect your machine with viruses of any kind.

BrowserBlade effectively prevents this type of attack by running your web session on our secure sandboxes. We wipe them directly after every session so everybody stays clean, leaving viruses and other malware out of your network.

Counter espionage

Industrial espionage is a big problem these days. Spies send you links to malicious websites, where they fingerprint your systems and try to gain access to your workstations. Using BrowserBlade you can protect your systems through indirectly surfing the web.

As long your client computers don't open websites themselves, spies can't take control over them. This keeps you secure and allows administrators to sleep well at night.

Secure access of internal web apps

Internet traffic between you and the web is safeguarded by us. We encrypt the web session data between remote clients and your infrastructure. Remote clients can safely access your internal web applications from home or other wifi networks. You don’t need to install a VPN service or additional software to allow safe access to your web apps: A simple browser is enough.

Surfing is much safer like that, as it allows you to safely browse the web via unsafe Wi-Fi networks.

Privacy protection

We protect your online identity by removing privacy breaches from your browsing session. Don't worry about public IP addresses, cookies, flash or browser fingerprinting: we block these threats inside BrowserBlade.

We do protect you from typing and mouse movement analysis. BrowserBlade finally allows you to privately surf the web.